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    I use a wordpress blog as shownotes for a podcast I do. I use gcast to host the podcast. One of my listeners has asked if I can make it so that she can download the episodes straight from the wordpress show notes page. I can’t seem to find a way of doing this. I can link to RRS feeds Ok – but how do I link to an mp3 file that is on gcast?



    If it’s got a URL already from being hosted elsewhere, I think you should be able to link to it and just put “right click to save”. I know we can PLAY MP3’s from elsewhere using the [audio URL.mp3] construction, so I would think that if you simply put the direct link to the file in that should work for downloading it IF they right click to save to their own hard drive.



    A direct link should work. There isn’t a downloader installed here but I don’t recall anything in place to prevent downloading.

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