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Creating a free-for-all blog?

  1. I would like to create an environment for my blog whereby anybody can author/post/publish - can this be facilitated?

    -joel ([email redacted])

  2. joel,

    You can add contributors to your blog on the Users tab of your dashboard. A genuine free-for-all blog would immediately be flooded with spam, so we don't provide a way to do that.

  3. Thank you. However, I am looking for the most efficient way to add lots and lots of contributors with little administrative overhead...any suggestions?

  4. No. You can add users one at a time on the Users tab, or invite them on the Invite tab. We don't provide a bulk add method because it would be abused by spammers.

  5. You could use a wiki instead. Try wikispaces or mediawiki. But yes, it'll be spammed.

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