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Creating a gallery from images in library

  1. I know how to create a gallery by uploading images from my computer - but how do I do that using images in the website's library, particularly if they are already attached to an existing page?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Same question for me.
    I use the premium Avid theme with the "gallery" format they have.
    I tend to post photos separately in a post first. After a while I create a post to show the pictures in a gallery format. As it appears now, I have to upload them again.


  3. @kittaroos you will need to modify the Gallery shortcode in the Post or Page Text editor to use "includes" with the attachment ID number of the image you want to display. See here and here for a demo

    @fokkomuller you don't have to upload the photos again if you've already posted them in a Post. Just use the Post ID number. See my reply here:

  4. @justjennifer

    I am not using the normal wordpress gallery option. In the Avid theme you have the possibility to upload your photos. They appear in the "Gallery". The special Avid format "Gallery" shows your photo's in gallery format. There is nothing in the normal WordPress panel when you use the standard "Gallery option". I choose the Avid theme just because of the better gallery view.

    You can the result here:


  5. Then the best place to ask your question is in the special Premium Theme Support forum for your theme. and also review the information on Avid in the Theme Showcase.

  6. Ok, I will do that. Thanks for your time.

  7. Justjennifer, thanks for your help - but I'm still struggling ...

    I copied the example from your blog, replacing the IDs - but when I previewed the page, all it showed was the code. I'm clearly still doing something wrong.

    The page to which the drawings are attached will not be used and do not form part of the menu. The website is shared by several people, and I did not upload the images, so they're not on my computer. Is it possible for me to detach the images from that redundant page and use them on the new page as a gallery?

  8. On my Demo Site, I have extra spaces in my gallery shortcode in front of and after the brackets so that I don't unintentionally display a Gallery in the middle of the post. :)

    You'd need to delete the spaces so that the code looks like
    [gallery include="XXX,xxx,XxXx"]

  9. There are changes coming to the way media is handled which hopefully will overcome the present limitation. For right now, you can't detach images, but you still can use "includes" to make the images appear elsewhere.

    If the page is truly redundant, you could delete it. That would unattach the image files. Then you can attach the image files to the post following these instructions

  10. Done! Thank you very much, Justjennifer.

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