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    I am trying to create a gallery of seven photos with captions. The first one works, but when I try to add a second (or third, etc.) the first picture disappears and just its caption remains outside the frame for the second one.

    The blog I need help with is


    That happens when you try to insert a new image (in the Visual editor) while the cursor is still in the caption area of the image you just inserted. Make sure you place the cursor elsewhere first, or insert the images after switching the editor to HTML.



    I tried again. This time I get the first picture without a caption, then the second picture with its caption, then the caption for the first picture in it’s own box.

    Am I supposed to click on save all changes in the upload window. I have been.

    Thanks for you help.


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    Edit your post or page to remove the images from your post or page.

    Do not delete them from your media library.

    Go to the media library and edit your first picture by adding a caption on the appropriate line. Save. Repeat with the other six images.

    You can now go back to editing your page.
    In the html editor, insert the first picture. Press return.
    Still in the html editor, insert the second picture, and press return.
    Continue until all the pictures have been added to you post (or page).

    Or just use the gallery shortcode:



    follow these steps:
    *Go to post editor for the post in which you are trying to insert gallery.
    *Click on Upload/Insert/camera icon.
    *Click on Gallery tab of the pop-up box.
    *You will see list of all attached images for this image.
    *Click on Show for all images—in right of each Image’s name.
    *Edit Caption for every image.
    *Press ‘Save All Changes’ for every image (7 times for 7 images).
    *Insert gallery (no need to insert that again, if you already done this.)
    *Update the post or save in draft.


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    It’s not clear whether the original poster wants to use the gallery function or to just have a set of seven images which could be from in the media library but attached to other posts or pages.

    Because the OP is having trouble with captions because the html code is messed up it appears that he/she is not using the gallery function.



    I have tried to follow the two sets of instructions but have not succeeded in creating a gallery with captions.

    wpgaurav instructed me to click on the upload/insert/camera icon and then click on the
    gallery tab of the pop-up. I do not get a pop-up when I click on the icon.

    1 tess instructed me to insert the captions in the media library and then upload them one at a time. I inserted the captions as instructed, but still get the same results as I described in my last post.

    1 tess is right when she says the original poster was confused about the gallery function and the individual posting. I am confused.

    Please advise why you say that the html is messed up.



    I’m gaining on this. I have managed to upload my seven photos with captions.

    I did them individually. I think my errors was not to switch to HTML when adding photos.

    I still can’t find that gallery tab.

    thanks for your help, and if you see my gallery tab, please let me know.


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    Can you publish the post or page you are having difficulty with? Provide a link starting with http://

    Then we can take a look at your actual code and point out specifically where the problems with the html code are, and even show you how it should look when properly done.

    It’s a holiday here in the U.S. so I don’t think I’ll have time in the forums, for the rest of the week, to get down to the specifics, but I’m sure other volunteers will be able to help you.



    the URL is

    the page I am having trouble with is the “photo” page.

    I have a lot of it working. I can’t find that gallery tab. and I don’t know why the first caption is different from the rest. I like it, but I don’t understand it.


    The first caption is different because the caption code is messed up. Click on the image (in the visual editor), click the delete icon, then re-insert the image.

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