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    I can’t create a Home Page that would appear on the Page List. My blog is the first thing that the viewers go to and I want the blog to be the Home page. If they go to a different page and want to return to the blog, they would have to click on my blog name.

    Is there a way to create a Home Page again?

    The blog I need help with is


    This is your home page and clicking the blog title Marlene Lee Fine Art anywhere in the blog does return anyone who clicks it to your home page.


    Thank you for your reply. But I’ve noticed on some blogs the Home Page name – Home is listed. How can I list the Home page name with the other pages?


    On your blog you have “Home”. This is missing from mine.


    If you really have to have a “Home” menu item, just create one from your Dashboard > Appearance > Menus > Custom Link panel. In the URL, just place your blog’s full URL. Reorder the menu items as appropriate on the righthand panel. Done!


    Hi, Listener,
    It worked!…But I found I needed to create menu to insert the Home page in as well as include all the pages. Thanks for the info!


    @thenakedlistener: You don’t have to create it as a custom link: it’s already available in the Pages module.



    Some themes also do this.

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