Creating A JQuery Post Attachment Gallery Without Plugins?

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    Hi all,

    I wanted to know if anyone had any suggestions about a proper way to do the following:

    I have a template file that I’ve created to use for a page (not a post). the page will act as a gallery (similar to that of,, and all the various online magazine websites where it shows one image, and a left and right navigation button). I need the images pulled from the pages attachments, therefore in my Media Library, several images are attached to this particular page. I want to basically create a gallery integrated into this page template. I can most likely do the next part myself; but I want to dynamically have the left and right navigational arrows utilize JQuery to load each attached image sequentially into the main image div.

    One other important issue is the fact that I would also require this to not include ALL attached images in the source, as this will cause the page the load very slow if there are tons of images.

    Any thoughts on doing this WITHOUT a plugin?

    I’m obviously savvy in PHP & JQuery, so code is totally fine if anyone has any ideas.

    Here is the current URL



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