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    I’ve added my artist statement, of which I saved as a “page” within my blog, into the menu area (top right).
    What I want to do is to delete (or disable) the same artist statement from showing in my “photo gallery” widget.
    Is it possible to somehow keep the link of my artist statement active, but either delete or disable it from showing within the widget?

    Hope this makes sense and sounds like it’s a easy fix, or am I wrong?

    The blog I need help with is



    How to exclude a Page from showing up in the Pages Widget:

    Exclude – If you would like to exclude any pages from being displayed, you can enter the Page IDs (separated by commas). To find the Page ID, go to Pages->Pages and click the title of the page. The address bar of your browser will display a URL with a numeric ID at the end. This is the page ID.


    thank you “justjennifer”! minor issue solved. still getting my feet wet with WP.
    appreciate the support :)



    You are welcome. If you have not yet seen this resource for new bloggers, you may want to check it out.

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