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    I used to be able to highlight a word and then click on link and add the link. Now it tells me the link has been added but the word is not highlighted (hypertexted) and no link shows in my document. Has something changed?

    The blog I need help with is



    Nothing has changed for me.
    This is guide for creating links in blog posts and pages and it does sound like you are following it.
    This is the general link model:
    <a href="URL HERE">Highlighted anchor text here</a>
    This is the visual result but as it’s just an example it’s not actually linked to a page:
    Highlighted anchor text here

    Enter the anchor text you want to link to first.
    Then use your mouse to highlight that anchor text.
    Next click the chain icon in the Visual editor and proceed to create the link.

    You may want to confirm you are running an upgraded browser version though See and try clearing your browser’s cache

    If you are still not successful will you please post an active link starting with http:// to a post or page you are experiencing this issue on?

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