Creating a “Links” widget manually from of a text widget?

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    I ran some searches, and can’t quite find a answer to this.

    Can I create a “Links” widget manually?

    My reason for wanting additional “Links” is:
    I use the Andreas 04 template with two columns to the right.
    I really do not want a whole bunch of links, (photography forums, photographer’s websites, photographic distributors, art buyers, etc.) all in one very long “single” column. I would like to have some scattered about within both columns, such as all the photographer’s website together in one column, art buyers all together in another column, and back and forth between the two columns.
    (Did I just make any sense?)

    It seems to give the overall appearance of the blog a bit more balance if/when created this way.

    So, if I can create another “Links” widget, … how do I do it? (In English) :)

    Many thanks guys!
    WordPress has helped me to build a blog that appeals to me, and you guys have already helped a plenty.
    I appreciate that, … and again, … thanks!



    Sure – just use a text widget and put the links in there. You may want to search the forum for text widget.



    Am I correct in assuming then, that one can not control the links that would go into the newly created links widget, from the “Blogroll – Add Links” control panel. Correct?

    I just like things all in one place I guess you could say!

    I am new here with WordPress, and I am wondering also, “is there a reason for only 1 “Links” widget?”
    Just curious.



    That sounds right, but I’m not sure. Some of this stuff is theme-dependent and the theme I’m using doesn’t have a links widget. What I referred to was a text widget and you can have as many as 9 of those. (Look down at the bottom of the Sidebar Widgets page under Presentation).



    Probably because the links widget displays thte entire blogroll I believe. The links widget does, I believe, have the option to display teh links within their categories if that helps.




    drmike, that might be theme specific, because ChaoticSoul’s links widget has no options at all.



    That’s Right. The theme I use is “connections”. This too have a Link widget but with no options



    For clarity in regard to the existing Links widgets it’s important to note that none of the themes that do have Links widgets have Links widgets with “options”. The order in which links are displayed is alphabetically in accord with the Category we assigned to the links when we entered them into our Blogrolls. This will help you understand blogrolls, links and categories and their relationships.

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