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    I know I should by rights post this on the IOS forum and I have done but I need an answer ASAP. Is it possible import/export my blog content on iPad 2 to another ‘mirror’ blog?
    Hope someone can help. I have Googled it but there is nothing specific.

    Thank you



    Its possible to have two blogs(on seperate subdomains) and export one to the other, if that is what you are asking.

    It is not recommended to have them both public, because duplicate content will hurt you on search engine rankings.

    However one or both blogs private will work, lots of people will back up there public blogs with a private “mirror” blog.

    Note that after you export, you will have to post on both, you can’t post simultaneously using the wp editor.


    I set up a mirror blog and tried to export files from original blog but all I got was a pink page with ‘error’ message. So I don’t really think it’s possible from iPad. Maybe I can find a long way to do it.
    Thanks for your help diager.



    It should be possible, because nothing in the import/export process is Flash as far as I know. I don’t know why you’d get the pink page.

    And you MUST have your mirror blog set to private, or staff will suspend both of them.


    Thanks raincoaster. I have mirror blog set to private. I’ll do some digging and try again. Fingers crossed.

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