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Creating a new language for my blog

  1. Currently it is possible to choose a lot of languages at WordPress like Latin. Inspired by Nuntii Latinii I got the idea to start a newsblog with news in another ancient language which has some enthousiasts like me but not a lot of new content in it by translating news from western news websites, so I decided to write news in this language, it's Gothic of which we have quite a lot of knowledge. The problem is, as it is a not very well known language that it isn't available at WordPress, so some parts of my website can't be displayed in Gothic. Is it possible for me to customize this myself in anyway?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi,

    If you use Windows, they have a language pack for Gothic.
    Install the language pack and type your text using a text editor on your computer (like Wordpad), then copy and paste to your editor.

    You can also try the wiki for Gothic at

    If that does not work, you might have to use the unicode chart for Gothic which can be found here:

    I believe your readers would have to have that same language pack installed to read the Gothic text.

    Hope that helps!

  3. Thanks for your extensive answer, but I think that I didn't express myself well.

    What I meant is that in 'options - general' of your blog, you can choose at the bottom the language. Gothic isn't included, which isn't a surprise as barely anyone knows about it, but is it possible for me to create the language myself for the list?

  4. I have flagged this for staff and to be moved to Translations

    The translations are a formal process involving a review process with several people - you would need to apply to be a translator

  5. Thank you auxclass. The only problem is that very limited people have a good knowledge of Gothic, as not many people know it so we have a problem there in reviewing it.

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