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    The new post page is not responsive. At all. Like, ever. Not sure else how to put it. I can enter a subject but I can’t type in the text box at all. I can’t get the context help from the upper right hand drop down box. The page is almost completely and totally unresponsive. I can’t even change from visual to text. Nothing happens. The ‘text’ link is unresponsive.

    I’ve tried troubleshooting. I have all my permissions set in Google Chrome. It suggested that I be signed in and synced with Google Chrome. I am.

    When it was suggested through ‘help’ that I make sure adobe flash is updated, Google Chrome assured me it is updated.

    The baffling thing is? I do NOT have this problem on my other accounts and I’m using the same exact browser, same exact settings. This really isn’t a google chrome issue because I don’t have any other issue anywhere else for any other account I have. Ever.

    It’s just this one.

    Now, I can make a new post, if I go to my page and hit the post from the upper right of the screen and have the fast option. I can’t go to the upper left, drop down and go to New Post. So, if I have to flip around and sneak up on it just to make a post…what good is it?

    The blog I need help with is



    There are three places on to make a New Post. Are you using the New Post button on the admin bar? Don’t. So many problems associated with it we no longer even try to narrow them down. Just stop. Are you using the Dashboard->Posts->New Post page? If so, these issues are mystifying. If you’re using the generic page or whatever it is, i refer you to the remarks about the Admin Bar.


    Trying to get to the dashboard takes some serious gymnastics on my part but it looks like I can post from there.

    I really used to like the ease going through the wp-admin but if I can’t, I can’t.

    Thanks, raincoaster, for the prompt and helpful reply.



    “Trying to get to the dashboard takes some serious gymnastics”.
    Why? This is your main dashboard screen:
    Best thing you can do is bookmark it and add it to the bookmarks bar of your browser. This way you’ll have one click access, and you’ll never have to worry where WP put things this month.

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