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creating a page with expanding answers

  1. in case the title was unclear - here is an example similar to what i would like to do: (click on any question, then click again).

    i would like to have sections where if people click on a word or letter, it will then expand with more information. if clicked again it will shrink

    is there a way to do this in wordpress without editing the code? or only editing the html on one specific page (within the html area vs the css area)?

    thank you
    hope all be wonderful

    The blog I need help with is

  2. There are several ways we can split content in posts and pages in blogs. It sounds like creating page jump (anchor) links may work for you. See here > Links to specific points on a page

  3. i ended up doing page jumps - i was hoping for something else because there is so so much information. they can always use the "search" box :)

    thanks for the response :)

  4. I'm sorry we don't have excatly what you want but glad to hear the page jumps will work for you. You're welcome and happy blogging. :)

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