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Creating a Page/Tab for a specific category

  1. remarkablyunremarkable

    I've been searching the forums for a couple of hours on how to create a page that is directly linked to category. What i'm trying to do is create a tab in the header area (Home, About etc.) that links to the 'category page' that is automatically generated by filing my posts. I've done this successfully once before months ago, but don't remember how I got it done...

    Here's a link to the page...

    The "oh the places you'll go" tab links to that category exactly as i'd like it to, however I'd like to delete that tab/page, and create one for another category "the sights."

    I'd really appreciate some help.... Thanks in advance...

    The blog I need help with is

  2. remarkablyunremarkable

    never mind. Figured it out under menus in the dashboard. Thanks anyway....

  3. remarkablyunremarkable

    thanks timethief, there's some helpful stuff in that thread too.... appreciate it.

  4. You're welcome. :)

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