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    3 questions:

    1. Is it possible to do this with WordPress: This artist <; has thumbnail links to separate galleries appearing in the left column of her artwork previously posted to her blog. The gallery thumbnails go to a static page with thumbnails linked to the full-sized artwork. If it’s possible to do, please tell me how.

    2. Is there a total MB limit for my blog? What happens when I reach that limit? How can I tell when I’m getting close?

    3. If there is a limit, how do I move my blog without losing anything to my hosted site where I have my website (hosted by Network Solutions).



    Before I cover this, I *strongly* suggest you take a few minutes and read over the FAQ blog as well as the FAQ posted at the head of these forums. It appears you might not have. :)

    1) Sort of. With what we have here, you can create thumbnails and have them linked to either the picture by itself or to the picture pasted to another blog page. There’s a FAQ on how to upload pictures and thumbnail. You might want to read it and see if it makes sense to you.

    2) It’s our understanding that we have a limit of 25 megs for space here for pictures but that’s not been confirmed offically by staff. The reading on the limit is being worked on by staff as the feature is not built in as of yet.

    3) And, I’m sorry. I can’t help you with number three. If you’re giving your money to a known spammer willing and to an organization that’s done more harm than good on the internet, that’s your business. I will mention though that you need to pay more attention to the News listed on your Dashboard as this has been covered there recently.



    Dearest Dr. Mike,

    I really appreciate your prompt and mostly helpful response but I’m afraid I may have miscommunicated, unintentionally insulted WordPress and irritated you, so please, allow me to explain myself and seek further clarification.

    #1 I have read all the FAQs and have been uploading pictures to my blog all along. I just really liked the way the artist’s gallery function worked on the Typepad site I provided the link to in my previous message. I wanted to know if I could put thumbnail images in a sidebar widget that would link to the pages where each gallery was stored. It’s the sidebar gallery feature I was asking about, not how to upload pictures.

    #2 I guess you can’t answer until WordPress settles on the number. Is there a way to see my total?

    #3 I was referring to downloading the WordPress software and using it on the website that I pay for–not switching to a different blogging software. I have Network Solutions as my webhost because that’s what the tech guy at the non-profit I worked for suggested as the most reliable when I was looking for a company to host my site a few years ago. I didn’t know they were doing bad stuff on the internet or spamming. That doesn’t really make sense, but I’ll see if I can find the article on the News about Network Solutions, if that’s what you meant for me to pay attention to. Or did you mean that’s where there’s news about how to download the software and use it from my own hosted site? I’ve already paid for two years hosting so I won’t be changing from them for a while.



    Very quickly (I’ve got 2001 jobs to do this morning!)

    2. No, unfortunately there isn’t. :(

    3. Yes, you can download the application for your own hosting. Go to and you can download it from there. There is an “export” feature from but not having used it I can’t say how well it works. There is a rumour that it’s only for backing up on at the moment but support will improve with the ability to import to a hosted blog.





    1) All she appears to be doing is making Pages with the thumbnails and linking them to the Posts where the full size pictures are found. It doesn’t look like its anything automated.

    2) I know Podz, the main staff member I usually communicate with, said that he had forwarded the suggestion up to the developers. It’s been discussed on the WPMulti User forums, the software we run here, but until Matt and crew deside that it’s a good idea, there’s really no method available to us. If you are really concerned about space, then I would lean to a free picture host. You can find a list of them here.

    Looking at your pictures though, if the average one is about 60k in size, and allowing for a 5k thumbnail that’s generated if you use it or not, that would allow you about 385 pictures until you run out of space. Just so you can have a reference.

    3) Here’s the link – XML Import/ Export



    Thank you very much–I think I’ve got it now. And I did find a forum discussion about using Network Solutions to host my blog but it looks like that won’t be an issue for about a year, given your calculation of # of pictures–thanks for doing the math for me. Did I misunderstand when I thought you were criticizing Network Solutions?



    hi jana,

    i just stumbled across this post. i have done something similar in my sidebar. i do not link to a gallery but to the a post in the past.

    1. You could open a page for each gallery that you want to create and put in thumbnails for each picture linking them back to the place the original is on the web.
    2. create a text widget in your sidebar
    2. then put in a thumbnail and a link to that page (gallery)

    it’s easy to get thumbnails of a photograph if you’re uploading them to flickr. they have an option and I usually use that for illustration friday too.

    if you need any help with the code just give me a holler.

    fellow EDM’er



    I don’t like Network Solutions but I was trying to direct you to the post in the news on your dashboard where Matt and crew announced the backup solution.

    Sorry for the confusion. :)



    Thanks Dr. Mike and Ujwala,
    I just figured out a way to make a sidebar that links to a photo gallery. I can create a new text widget for this purpose and use html to add text and image thumbnails that are linked to either pages I make on my website (easier to upload multiple pictures at once) or to new pages I’ll make on my WordPress site. I’m excited how flexible WordPress is–you just have to be a little creative and it will do what you want!



    Now, if you’re using Gallery for your photo gallery, there is a module for it that produces a RSS feed that you can import here with the RSS widget.



    I’m sure that’s a good thing, but I’m not familiar with Gallery and every time I try learn about what RSS is I just get confused. I know I need to know and one of these days will spend some more time to find a good explanation of what it is, why I want it and how it works. And once I do, I’ll check out the RSS widget. If I do a search for “Gallery” in the forums will I find out more about it?



    Probably not as that’s more of an advanced use of the blog software that we host here. Most hosters have some form of automated setup of Gallery though. You would have to add it the RSS module though as it’s not part of the standard release.

    I know Nosy Snoop uses a lot of pictures on her blog. I think she just uses a free uploading service though for the most part. Maybe she has something she would like to suggest.



    I am using a third party Slideshow hosting site called This site enables me to create a Slideshow and provides with a link to view the show (

    The site also provides me with code to embed in HTML web pages. (<embed src=”” width=”426″ height=”320″ name=”smilplayer” id=”smilplayer” bgcolor=”FFFFFF” menu=”false” type=”application/x-shockwave-flash” pluginspage=”” flashvars=”id=img183/8786/11583237338s6.smil”/>)

    The problem is that after reading the FAQs, I realised that WordPress doesn’t support the embed tag for Static Pages. I wanted to Place the slide show in my home/about page.

    Now, that I know that this can’t be done, how else do you suggest I embed my lovely Slideshow:)

    Please help.

    P.S: Janabroc can’t help you out though!



    Only thing I can think of is to provide a link to the slideshow over on imageshack. I’m sure they have a way to display it on their own site.


    I did think of that, but an embedded slideshow has another sort of appeal all together.

    Thanks for the quick response and suggestion; much appreciated!



    embedded slideshow has another sort of appeal all together.

    Agreed. I think it was Timethief who was point us to one a few weeks ago that placed a sliding banner of multiple pictures into a post. It was an interesting idea.


    Where/how do if find the information on how to do the sliding banner with multiple picutres into a post to make an embedded slideshow. Thanks DrMike.


    Did I miss the answer to this question: Can I put in a PDF file to my blog for viewing or do I have to link to somewhere I have it stored on the web? Thanking you again. RememberToday



    The forum search box is your friend pdf file

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