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Creating a private area in my blog

  1. I'm trying to create an area within my blog to put information for special visitors. I have created a password-protected page, which works fine, but I would like to have a hierarchy of sub-pages/posts within this that:

    a) doesn't appear in the page hierarchy on the main menu (when I make the sub-pages for the main parent page)
    (b) doesn't prompt for an additional password

    I was thinking a work-around might be to create posts within the pages that wouldn't appear in the page drop-down, but can't make it happen.


    The blog I need help with is

  2. Please always give us a link to your blog, starting with http, when you ask a question. Even if the blog is private, we can tell a lot of technical answers from just the URL.

  3. mikem didn't come back to see your answer, raincoaster, so I'll ask a similar one in a different way:

    my private blog, has been set up to be a "teaser" as well as a private site, to encourage people to become a Sponsor in order to delve deeper into the material there. I'm here on the forums looking for an answer to:
    I would like the tag cloud (lower right, I've titled it "More About") and the Category List directly below it ("Topics") to pick up ALL tags and categories (again, to show NONSponsors all the goodies they could have if only...). Right now the tag cloud and category list are only picking up the 3 sticky posts that make up what might be considered my "static page".

    Is this do-able?

  4. Categories will not show up in the categories widget until they have been assigned to at least one published post.

    The tag cloud will show the 45 most used tags, but again those tags have to be assigned to published posts before they will show up in the widget.

    You could make your own categories and tags lists using text widgets, but any tags or categories that are NOT assigned to published posts you could not link to categories or tags pages.

  5. Many thanks for your prompt reply. I have since, with much sweat and tears, figured out that what I want to do... have a "gateway" that's visible to non-registered users AND use that gateway as an entrance to a private blog... just can't be done without making all my users at least contributors, which would freak most of them out.

    Back to the drawing board for me. And umpteen lashes with a wet noodle for CONTINUOUSLY reading the SAME sentence in the Codex:

    Private posts are visible only to you (and to other editors or admins within your site)

    and not getting it. (of course, adding a simple phrase like: "Private = Unpublished/internal use" only might have helped....but then again we all see what we WANT to see. I am humbled by my blindness ;)

    I appreciate your patience.

  6. Why not just password protect the sections after the gateway instead of making them private.

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