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Creating a private blog with more than 5 users

  1. Hi

    I sent this question in via the feedback form, but on reflection I think it's maybe more appropriate here on the forum - so apologies for the duplication.

    Here's my question: I work in a small unit at a university and I've been happily blogging here for six months or so on my little domain. Now, in our unit we're discussing setting up an internal blog for people to share their thoughts privately.

    The problem: allows private blogs for up to 5 users - but there are about 10 of us, so what are are our options?

    We don't want to have the hassle of installing and maintaining wordpress internally, and the people here are not ready to have a public blog (otherwise I'd suggest the search-engine blocking option).

    Any thoughts would be welcome, thanks

  2. I believe that the 5 user limit is set while the functionality is tested. Matt did mention in the comments to the announcement that they would consider lifting the restriction a little sometime in the not too distant future.



  3. Thanks - that explains the limit - it seem pretty arbitrary and low.

    I don't suppose anyone has an idea of likely timescale for it being lifted/raised?


  4. I don't suppose anyone has an idea of likely timescale for it being lifted/raised?

    We haven't heard anything about a timeline on the subject.

  5. Actually, I think there's another way around it. Just click the "I would only like my blog to be visible only to users I choose." under the Options tab (and privacy sub tab).

    Don't add the users there but, rather, have everyone register with WordPress and under the "Users" tab, add them as administrators, contributors, whatever with the "Add users from Community" function.

    I think that'll get you privacy and access you're looking for.

  6. Thanks iago - this could be the answer!

    I'd assumed that the two figures were cumulative. This would work for us, since I want everyone to be an Author at least.

    I see your blog is privatew Iago, so it this what you do yourself? Do you have more than 5 users on your blog?

    If not, can someone confirm whether this would work to save me creating 5 or 6 new dummy WordPress users to check it myself :-)

    Thanks again


  7. Actually, that's exactly what we do. We've got 10+ users (a mix of authors and administrators) and it's working quite well so far. We started using it a little more than a month ago with 5 users and have gradually added users.

    We have the same issue at work where some people are paranoid about having anything remotely associated with them on the net so this was a good way to get people used to how blogs work.

    I'm finding that we have some people that love posting and others who seem absolutly terrified by it.

    Good Luck!

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