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Creating A Second Blog

  1. I am trying to create a second blog. When I go to the page and log in, it gives me a link to "Register Another Blog." When I click on this link, and try to put in my information, it will not let me type in the "Blog Domain" box. I entered the rest of my info and clicked "Create Blog" thinking it would create an error and put the cursor directly in the "Blog Domain" box. That didn't work. I don't want to have two logins, I know that it is possible to create multiple blogs with one login from searching for an answer to this question. Can someone help me figure out why I can't type in the "Blog Domain" box? Thanks!

  2. If you are trying to get a second blog on another login, you need to logout and then to to the home page and create a new user with a new blog. Why you can't enter in the name you want on the signup page is strange. Clear your cookies and cache on your browser and that might help.


  3. I have tried clearning the cookies and the cache, but it still won't work. I am logged in under mapetty when I try to register the second blog, but it won't even let me put the cursor in the "Blog Domain" box so that I can type. I really wanted to add another one so that I could help my family keep up with the baseball that we deal with. Any suggestions? Thanks!

  4. What browser are you using? Sometimes this happens with different browsers, especially Safari.

  5. I am currently using Internet Explorer. I know that there are a lot of bad reviews for it, but I find it the most useful for my purposes.

  6. Which version, though. I ran into some problems like that with IE6. It happened with the upload box, in that I'd have to poke around and there was only one sweet spot where I could put the cursor and it would go in the box...but that place was right underneath the box and to the right.

  7. Ok, I'm using IE 6.0. Sorry, I didn't realize exactly what you were asking. I tried clicking around the blog domain box in several places, but to no avail. Any other advice?

  8. Try it with the mouse icon half way out of the box along the top. That's what I have to do with IE6 here in the forums.

  9. mapetty and anybody here, can you please guide me on how to create a second blog ? I am a newbie of wordpress , just created my account few days ago. Appreciate your assistance.

  10. Always try a search of the FAQ and forums first. Here's your answer:

  11. try to get a different browser (firefox or safari, ect.) or upgrade to IE 7

  12. thanks raincoaster, in fact I have search at FAQ before posting here, may be I have use the wrong word/sentence to search for my query , what I use is "how to create a second blog" and "creating second blog" . Anyway, really appreciate you response. Now , I will search the FAQ and Forum for my second question on how to paste google ads / adsense code in my blog.

  13. Don't bother: it's against the terms of service and will get your blog deleted. You'll find several dozen threads on the issue.

  14. I have a question. I have 2 blogs under wordpress and I wanna delete one of it. If i delete one of it, wld my entire account be deleted?? Cos I still wanna keep the current one. HELP!!

  15. Make sure it's not your primary blog (check on your global dashboard or profile) first, then realize you can never have the content or the URL back after you delete it. I mean NEVER. Then, go ahead and delete it. Shouldn't cause any problems.

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  17. Oh Dear. It seems that you have had this problem for a long time and still not been able to sort it. I can't get the cursor to appear in the box either whether I am logged in or not. Any more ideas?

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