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Creating a secondary blog

  1. Hello to everyone, well, I am planning to create a second blog using the same account, so, I have some questions before I proceed, and they are as follows:

    1/ What is the difference between a primary blog and secondary blog?
    2/ Can I make my secondary blog primary?
    3/ If one day, I want to separate my secondary blog to an another account (On another email address), can I do it?

    Thank you very much...

  2. 1 & 2 - only apply if you are mapping a custom domain name to your blog ( vs/

    Just start a new blog - no extra charge - Dashboard >> My Blogs >> Register a new blog

    3 - yes you can transfer a blog to another account - easy takes a couple of minutes - if you have reason to keep the identity of the second blog a secret then create a new account now then register the second blog

  3. Thank you for replying, I forgot to ask another question as well.

    I know you cannot delete an account on WordPress, but suppose I delete my blog completely, this means I don't have any blog on this account, can I still create a new one with the same account later?

  4. yes you could register a new blog on an account that has had it's blog deleted - BUT - once a blog name is deleted it is gone FOREVER - just set the unwanted blog to "Private" that keeps everyone out and you can practice and learn with nobody watching

  5. Ok then thank you very much...

  6. You be welcome & good luck

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