Creating a separate page with a different appearance for images

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    I tried a couple of forum searches and couldn’t find anything addressing this. If I missed something, just point me to the right thread. If not, here’s what I’m trying to do.

    I’d like to add a page that with a layout for a large number of jpg images. I do a lot of digital art and I’d like to create a “gallery” page. Can the different themes be used for separate pages in the same blog or do I need to create a separate blog and link it to the existing one?

    Any help much appreciated.

    The blog I need help with is



    Pages on your site will still use the theme your blog posts page uses. You can have an unlimited number of pages. See here:

    Chateau also supports a special Full-Width Template for Pages.

    Once you create a Gallery page, you can upload your images and insert them all at once using a Gallery, following these instructions:

    Any additional photos you upload to that page will be automatically added to the Gallery.


    Thank you jennifer.

    I thought the theme would be locked but I wasn’t sure. I had wanted to use a different theme for the gallery page but that’s OK.

    I’ve also noticed that pages don’t have all the attributes of the parent blog. No “tags” and posts aren’t automatically tweeted.

    So, I just started another blog and put a prominent link at the top of the parent blog and that will have to do.

    Thanks again.

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