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    I’m looking to set up something that resembles this:

    a series of small pictures in a row that links to other pages. I’m new to blogging and have no idea how to arrange images this way. Anyone have the answer? Thank you!


    You upload the image from within the post or page editor, and then before inserting it into the post or page, put the URL you want the image linked to into the “link URL” field and then insert the image. If there isn’t going to be any text accompanying the images, use the “none” or “center” alignment.


    One other thing. If you want text underneath each image as they have, you are going to have to use a table otherwise nothing will align properly and will get all whacked out of shape very easily.

    For a table, if you are on Windoze, I suggest getting the Windows Live Writer blog client which will do tables very easily. A table feature is not built into the wordpress.COM editor, so if you do not use Windows Live Writer, you will have to create the table code yourself by hand, or use one of the online HTML table generators where you enter the parameters (rows, columns, cell padding, cell spacing, border size, etc.) and then it generates the base code for you. You then have to put the image code and the text link code into each cell by hand after you upload all the images to your media library.

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