Creating a table in a post on new Splendio theme

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    I noticed on Theme Showcase about the new theme Splendio, which I love, it is possible to set up a table: But I didn’t know we could do this and I haven’t been able to locate that option when I create a new post or page. Can someone help me, please?

    The blog I need help with is



    Hello there,
    There is no setting one can click to achive this on any theme here. You can use Windows Live Writer to create your posts in and publish them to yiour blog. It has a built-in HTML table maker.



    If you do not use Windows Live Writer then be aware that previous HTML table codes are deprecated codes. As the themes are updated to become HTML 5 and CSS 3 compliant we will find the former codes will need to be replaced. You need inline CSS if you intend to code an HTML table yourself for use on the newer themes that have been updated to become HTML 5 and CSS 3 compliant.


    Thanks timethief! I have Windows Live Writer at home but don’t use it very often. I’ll try that. :)



    Best wishes with your site. I can’t to try the same theme out on my test blog. :) If it turns out that you need help to create an HTML table with inline CSS then post here again so you can get help with it.

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