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    I have been trying to create a new horizontal menu tab that when clicked links to another website. In the support section it does say you can do this:

    “Adding Custom Links

    Want a menu item to directly link out to another website? No problem! Type in the URL, the label name and then Add to Menu.”

    However I have been trying everything and I cannot make it happen. In fact, I cannot even get a tab to show up at the top unless I make a page for it. the problem is that a page only allows one post. I need to have multiple posts. My solution was to create a new WP blog and try to link it to my home site.

    The blog I need help with is


    The theme you are using does not support custom menus yet.

    There is however a trick you can use as explained in this post by Panos. Note that with your theme, you have to add a space before and after the link name you are going to use.



    Thanks that did work however it created another problem. On my actual homepage the home button works fine…however when I go to one of the other sites using the tabs, the home button brings me to THAT page not my homepage. For example: when i am on my science page and click home I want it to bring me back to my homepage and not the science page. Does that make sense? Not sure if it can be done or not. i read an article about hiding the home button but it doesn’t appear to work on my theme. Confirm?



    One other thing, what determines the order of the tabs at the top. It appears to be random.


    That could be done with the custom menu feature, but that is not supported on the theme you are using. You would need to change themes to one that does support the custom menu. At appearance > themes, click the feature filter link at the right of the searchbox and then filter by “custom menu” to see which themes support it right now.



    Ya I really like the theme and seem to have worked around that, however the order of the tabs seems to unpredictable. Any ideas on how the ordering of the tabs works.


    See the following link for how to order the pages (home will always be the first).

    I just thought of something, you could on the other blogs you have set up, use the trick to create a new tab and name it something like “back to main” or something like that.



    Ya I already did that and called it classroom…that way the home still makes sense.



    That trick witht eh spaces in the title worked great but wer eyou aware that ir creates spaces in the menu tabs and those spaces are the pages (not sites).


    Yes, that is the only way to get the trick to work with your theme cleanly. Without the spaces, them nav bar breaks.

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