Creating a Trackback from WordPress to a Typepad post

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    OK I have read a bunch of FAQs and Forum replies on Trackbacks and am still confused as to why my trackback from my WordPress Blog post to a link on a Typepad Blog does not appear.

    Here is what I am trying to do:

    I have a post that I have written in my WordPress Blog

    In it I have a link to an article I reference from another blog – unfortunately it is in Typepad.
    I have a href to that article which is the permalink and works fine

    Then, as far as I understand, for this reference to appear as a trackback on the other Typepad website, I believe I need to enter the trackback url from the Typepad site (in this case ) into the little window that says
    Send trackbacks to: and save it – which I did

    After saving this, I see at the bottom of that box

    Already pinged:


    I did this several weeks ago and I still don’t see any reference to the trackback on the other website.
    Is the track back automatic and will it automagically appear on the other Typepad blog?
    Or does Typepad require their blog owner to approve the trackback and is that why it might not be appearing?



    If you pinged the typepad trackback URL and linked the article in the wordpress blog post without it showing up it could be a couple of things that come to mind:

    1) You don’t have the option to ping other blogs set in your Admin => Settings => Discussion – “Attempt to notify any blogs linked to from the article (slows down posting.) “

    2) It is a problem with accepting pingbacks and trackbacks on your typepad blog. Maybe check the settings on that end.

    See if it is one of those 2 things.




    As in WordPress, if the TypePad owner has comment/trackback moderation on, trackbacks will not appear automatically. If that is the case, then the TypePad blogger must approve your ping, and maybe he just didn’t want to do that? Besides, your ping could have been caught flagged as Spam in Typepad, and the TypePad blogger might not have seen it.



    Posts here at which are set to post at a later time often have problems with trackbacks, etc. If that applies to your post, just edit it and the trackback should show up, barring other additional issues as discussed above.


    Thanks for all the prompt responses. I have checked my Discussion setting as suggested by Trent and it is set to notify any blogs. I guess the other blog might not have approved the trackback. Consider this closed thanks

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