Creating a WordPress theme in Photoshop, but what Dimension?

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    I want to try my hand at creating a WordPress theme in Photoshop so I can get my site looking exactly how I picture it, but I don’t know what to make the overall dimensions.

    What should I make the dimensions for the entire theme? Also, roughly what size should things like the header be?

    The blog I need help with is


    You can’t upload your own themes to hosted sites. You can only do that if you SELF-host a site. Here’s a bit of info about the difference: .com

    Aside: the answer to your question, though, will vary depending on what you want! Unless you’re basing your own web designs off a specific theme or unless you’re desigining it for a certain type of screen (i.e. iPhone as opposed to desktop), there are no real restrictions, just best practices.


    Should also have added: if you’re interested in trying to build a theme for a self-hosted install, you’ll be able to find help over at the support forums and information in the WordPress Codex. Good luck!

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