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    My address is and I am using the Emire theme.

    Just below the header, there are “home” and “about” buttons. I would like to create a new page, which I can see how to do in the dashboard, and link it to “about” (I think it’s How can I accomplish this? Thanks.


    The blog I need help with is


    The tabs at the top represent static pages. To create a new one, go to pages > add new create and publish the new page. If you want edit or add to the existing about page, go to pages > edit and click on the about page and you can edit and add to it.

    If you want a subpage off of the about page, go to pages > add new, create the page and then in the attributes section select “about” as the parent page. Do note however that the only theme here with drop down menu tabs is the iNove theme. The pages widget will show child/subpages.



    Got it. Thanks!


    You’re welcome.

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