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Creating an email account associated with domain name

  1. Hi, new to the forum and WordPress - - thanks in advance for your help. I need to create an email account associated with my WordPress-hosted site (, eg: [email redacted]. Any suggestions on where to get started on this?

    Thanks again - - Sean

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hey Sean,

    If you'd like to use email with the domain you have mapped to WordPress, you can do so using Google Apps.

    Here's a guide that walks through the process of setting it up:

  3. Thanks for the reply jjwright85. However, this method has me running in circles when it gets to the point of Google needing to verify that this is my site. There are 3 different options for verifying the account: insert an html file into the site (which is not allowed in WordPress), add a text DNS record (it gives one in which WordPress does not recognize), or upload a new meta-tag into the page (which WordPress does not allow). This method does not seem to be compatible with WordPress. What else can I do??

  4. I don't use Google Aps - but you need to use the MX option - MX records are real strict on the format.

  5. Success! Actually you can enter meta key content to verify for Google Apps through the WordPress Dashboard. For anyone who has also come to this stumbling block, follow these steps:

    From your WordPress Dashboard, go to Tools > Available Tools. From here, scroll to the bottom of the screen to the "Webmaster Tool Verification" title. In the Google Webmaster Tools field, enter the meta key content that was given as an "Alternative Method" in verifying your site. Save your changes, then go back to the Google Apps Webmaster page and click verify. Bam you're verified.

  6. Great - thanks

  7. Glad to hear it's working. Thanks for posting the steps for others to see!

  8. I have just signed up to do this exact thing, and I was having problems figuring out how to get it to work. I was getting really frustrated, and when I get frustrated with something that should be so simple to do, I keep at it until I figure it out. Thanks so much for your help! It worked!

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