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Creating an RSS feed

  1. skylinebaptistchurch

    The support page says you are supposed to simply add /feed/ to the end of you url and it will generate an rss feed for that page. I have tried that but it wont let me actually change the url. For example: if a page url is and i try to put the /feed/ on the end to make it it makes it say What is my problem? Help!!!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. We do not "create feeds". Multiple feeds are are built-in to all blogs.
    Pages do not have RSS feeds only Posts do.

    This is the RSS feed URL for your posts
    This is the RSS feed URL for your comments
    This is the RSS feed URL for the "featured" Tag you have used on at least one of your posts

  3. Pages don't have feeds, because a page is singular piece of content. That would be like having a radio station only for the original recording of Journey's Don't Stop Believin'. It wouldn't be a bad thing, but it would be pretty much useless after the first time you hear it, therefore not useful as a live feed.

    Your blog's feed is

    For more info, see

  4. skylinebaptistchurch

    How is making my main url "" and changing it to "" any different than what I am asking? I may sound stupid but I really just want to have a feed that when I put new sermons online it will automatically send a feed, that way i can use that url for the feed on iTunes and create a podcast.

  5. Well, you have a blog at This is where all of your posts are published.

    So, your feed for your published posts is

    If you were to pick a single page, like for example, it can't have a feed, because it's a singular form of content. It's essentially one post, and there's no reason to have a feed for one post.

  6. skylinebaptistchurch

    So what you are telling me is that in order to have a feed for a podcast, it has to be on my homepage?

  7. I am new to this. I want to link my wordpress blog to my author page on Amazon, but they say this is not an RSS URL. What do I need to do?

  8. @skylinebaptistchurch
    No. You create a post with the podcast in it. You assign the Category "podcast" to the post. You publish the post. The RSS Feed and Categories pages have nothing to display until you do that.

    This is the format for a category feed on blogs:

    If you do create a podcasts Category then this is the RSS feed URL for it:


  9. @ericatgraham
    You upload an image of your Amazon author page and then you link the image to the URL of that Amazon author page and display it in a text widget in your sidebar. The easiesy way to do this is to create a draft post and get everything working correctly in it, then switch to the HTML editor and copy the code. Next you paste the code into a text widget. Lastly you delete the draft post.

  10. I think @skylinebaptistchurch is a little confused about the difference between a post and a page read this article:

    By default a wordpress site's "home page" is a list of your most recent posts. You can change it so the home page is a normal static page and making a different page display all the latest posts. by following these instructions:

    Categories allow you to sort your posts. When you create or edit a post you can label it with a category. These category labels will allow you to make various feeds that only contain posts labeled with the specific category.

    For example right now would feed every post and the kitchen sink to subscribers.
    After creating posts with the category "podcast" would only feed the posts you categorized as "podcast" to subscribers.

  11. Correction on the last link for categories given by @unoriginalone category feed would be something like this:

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