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    How do I copy one blog/site to create another blog?
    I don’t want to spend so much time recreating everything.
    Wordpress does not seem user-friendly at all… I have been spending way too much time trying to figure how to create a new blog…
    Blog url:

    The blog I need help with is


    How do I copy one blog/site to create another blog?

    Why on earth do your want two blogs with the same content?

    If what you mean is your want two blogs with the same themes set up exactly the same way then there is no automatic way to do this. However, that doesn’t take long to do all all so I’m not clear on what you mean.

    To register a new blog under the same username account and email address while logged into click

    To register another blog under a new username account with a different email address so the two blogs are not associated log out of first.



    One blog for two courses that I teach, at different LEVELS, thus not at all for the same audience!



    You could also use Categories to sort the class content – then you could have many classes on the same blog – you can also use a Custom Menu to help sort things – one blog means that you only need to work with one site and no confusion where to send students for help – I think this would be much easier than making several blogs – then once you get one site to work and look like you want then you don’t need to do anything more than make great content for your students

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