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Creating Blog page and static Homepage

  1. Does anyone know how to move an existing blog to a 'Blog' page and then placing that within a static homepage? explains how to create a static page to create a website, rather than just a blog. BUT they don't tell you how to transfer an existing blog into a Blog page and then put that within the static homepage website.

    Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. When you make a static page for the home page, you need to create another static page called "Blog" (or whatever name you choose) for the actual blog page. Then go back to the same Settings page, Settings > Reading, and choose the page you want your blog on next to the Posts Page option.

    Although it sounds like you are asking how to add the blog back into the static homepage you created. If this solution doesn't work let me know.

  3. Hi mrdirby,

    Thanks so much for responding!

    Yes I don't think I explained my query very well. What happens is when I set up a static homepage (under 'Settings' --> 'Reading'), it makes that homepage blank and static. Yet my existing blog disappears and I want to *move* that to a page that I will name 'Blog'. I don't see how to do that and Drag n Drop is not possible.

    Hope that is clearer. Thanks in advance for any help!

  4. Here are details about setting up a static home / front page and having a separate page to show your blog posts.

    Currently, your home / front page is your dynamic blog page. Every time you write a post it updates.

    But let's say you want your "about" page to be the landing page, your static front or home page.
    First make a new page and call it "Blog." (Note, you have already done that.)

    You'd go to your dashboard, choose settings, then reading settings. You will see this, "Front page displays" where you can choose "A static page (select below)"
    And you will select (in this example) your "about" page.
    You will also need to select "Posts page" Choose the page you called "blog."
    Scroll down and save changes.

  5. Do you want a different page, different from your about page to be your static front / home / landing page?

  6. Wow you're right -- THANK YOU!!

    Sorry I hadn't figured out how that Posts page thing works, but now I understand!

    So I have one more question, which is how do I place a 'preview' or display an excerpt from my Blog into the static homepage, so people can read a bit and then click on over to the Blog.

    Hope that's clear. So many thanks again 1tess and mrdirby for your help!

  7. ps - I love your kitty's pic!

  8. Also now it allows me to select 'Home' as my static page, whereas it didn't before for some reason. Somehow in following your instructions 'Home' became an option.

    Just mentioning this for others who may have this difficulty.

  9. Just mentioning this for others who may have this difficulty.

    Yes, that's why theses are good forums: others do search and read them. So you are welcome!

    You can use forum tags to search these forums. For example a search for this topic:
    and fill in your own search for the tag. Just put - hyphens-between-words…

    You didn't ask here but here is info from the Support documents you can also search about custom header images, which I saw you wondering about on your site:

  10. My kitty is about old enough to vote—hard to believe!?!
    He's healthy but showing his age, even though he's a lion. And he doesn't listen: see no ears?
    He's a <3…

  11. What a hoot! He's absolutely adorable. And wow, you must keep him in good health. That is awesome :)

    Thanks for the info and the welcome. I did feel like maybe I'm repeating other people's enquiries, but my situation really was like that. I don't know how it kicked in properly but it did, after I selected the Select Posts section.

    Many thanks again, and I will look at the links.


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