Creating Galleries when I use Posterous to Upload them to WordPress

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    I am currently using Posterous to upload images to my WordPress blog. It’s faster and easier for me. However, I want these images to appear as a Gallery.

    I assumed that after the upload, I just need to select the “Add an Image” option, click on the Galleries button and I would see my images there.

    Apparently that’s not the way to go, because the Gallery button does not appear. I then searched through the Media Library hoping the images had gotten uploaded there, but nope…

    This kind of sucks. Is there a way to do this without actually having to manually upload images? Would appreciate any help I can get

    The blog I need help with is



    You can email your images to your WordPress blog in the same way you can to Posterous:

    If you send more than one image they will appear in a gallery



    The creation of a Gallery on is presently contingent on uploading the images here, either on site or by email, as John mentions.

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