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    How do I create a heading within a post? I have found the recommendations to do this to break up large posts, but cannot see a way to create a <h3> or <h4> without doing that in the code tab. Can I create a subhead/heading without doing it in the code? Help?


    On the extended toolbar (click the icon at the right end of the main toolbar in the visual editor) click on the “format” pulldown and you can use h1, h2, etc. In my experience it’s best to put in the text for the heading, highlight it, and then select the “format” you want to use.



    In the visual editor, access the advanced toolbar by clicking on the last icon on the right. In the new row that appears, there is a drop-down box on the left with built-in styles. Easy!



    Thanks!! I don’t want to admit how long I spent this morning being stumped over this.


    It’s easy to be stumped on this. I wish the extended toolbar showed by default so that people could easily see what is there without having to click on the icon at the right end of the toolbar. The other thing is that until you highlight some text, it doesn’t change to “format” so that you can even see the headers selections and such.

    Glad to have helped, and happy blogging.

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