Creating links from one section to another section within the same post.

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    How do I create a link from one piece of text to another in the same post?

    The blog I need help with is


    There are different ways to split content in your blog posts and pages and I think page jumps is what you are looking for so see here >


    Thank you. I was hoping for an easier answer since I never have the time to sit down and experiment and I don’t write code. But I suppose I’ll find the time to see how it works. (A website at work has a special “anchor” link button for these kinds of links.)

    Also, what if I want to jump to a specific text within a different post? The destination would be two pieces of code, right?



    Study my post please: it covers both cases. The source is one piece of code and the destination is another piece of code, no matter if it’s on the same post or on a different post.


    Thank you justpi.


    Justpi. Pardon me, but where’s your post?



    You’re welcome. If you can’t figure it out, let me know. (In that case I’ll need the URL of the post or posts in question.)



    My post is the post thistimethisspace linked to!



    Ooooh. Now I got it.



    Sorry I wasn’t clearer before: I assumed you had already visited the link and seen the author avatar and username.



    I’m now looking for a very specific clarification of the code(s) you supplied to mark a source and destination for a link from one blog post to another, on the same blog. My question is the exact way the codes would look if you want the destination link to open in a separate tab/window.
    You gave a piece of the code to add to the beginning, but I don’t know if that is in addition to the or in place of it. Could you write out a complete example? I’m starting to catch on.

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