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creating links in blog to media library files WITHOUT INSERTING THE CONTENT.

  1. homewoodatlarge

    How do I create a link to a downloaded file or image in my media library WITHOUT INSERTING IT? I cannot find the URLs of any of my media items when I highlight text to link it. Also, clicking the link icon does not even bring me to the media library at all. This must not be the right path to success. This is a simple operation. Why can't I do it?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. If you upload an image via the Add Media tool of a post, you wait till its uploaded then you select "Media File" from the "Link to" pulldown: the URL of the image will show in the field below the pulldown.
    If you upload an image via Media > Add New (dashboard sidebar), you wait till its uploaded then click Edit: the URL of the image will show in the File URL field of the Save module.
    For an already uploaded image, you go to Media > Library, hover over the thumbnail and click Edit: the URL of the image will show in the File URL field of the Save module.

  3. Ah, hadn't seen it.

    @homewoodatlarge: Please don't post the same question twice. To find previous threads you've started you click your username (top right, where it says "Welcome, ~~").

  4. homewoodatlarge

    justpi: You gave me key information that raincoaster lacked, i.e., where to get the url. This is why I asked again. Also, perhaps my question didn't reflect this request, but one does NOT use the "link" icon to create a link to the media library. One merely positions the cursor where the link should go, then go to media library and click on "insert to post." Now, it doesn't actually "insert" as the word suggests, it inserts the link--voila. Then the question became, how do I change the link from the file name to something like "click here to view the pdf" ? Through trial and error I discovered I could just edit the words in the link to say whatever I wanted.

    Sometimes you think you have asked a definitive question or given the definitive answer, only to find out it is not so.

    Sorry for bothering anyone.

  5. If the original answer was not complete or clear - please ask in the original thread about the part that was not clear - most people that help in the Forum will check back in threads they have helped with if there are new posts in it to see if the answer was complete or if someone needs more help - that makes it easier for everyone and the thread has all the information needed to answer the original question

  6. homewoodatlarge

    Will do. Thanks.

  7. You be welcome & good luck

  8. Actually, if you do it the way I described, you DO use the link icon. You insert the words you want to be the active link, then you use the link icon, then you put in the URL of the media file.

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