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    within the body of text how do you have a word as a link. for example in my last post i wanted to create a link for desyn masiello and have that highlighted linked to his page and then crobar linked to



    quite simple:

    1. type the word you want to be a the link.
    2. Using your mouse highlight the word.
    3. Press the button that says “Link”.
    4. Enter the URL. Remember the HTTP:// in front of the url otherwise your browser will think it’s a URL inside your blog.





    thanks man…works well…preciate teh helP :)



    actually …it didn’t…hrmmm i dont even have a link button. i wrote the last post in advance…thought it would work.


    Hey XZED, try Cornell’s instructions again, but pay attention at the end: the little link window will open (Cornell didn’t mention this) and you’ll see a little line in which to paste your desired URL to link to. Then you have to click a little button at the bottom right of that little Add Link window, where it says “Update.”

    Thought you were cool, now? Not yet! You still have to go down below and Save or “Save and Keep Editing.”



    Actually, in my editor there isn’t a button that says the actual text word “Link”, but there’s a little graphic of a chain, implying a link in the chain.

    You know, UI design.



    I don’t have any buttons or UI chains, just the “Upload” button at the bottom of the post page. However I can right-click a link I’ve added to the text box and in the menu is the “make this a link” item. I assume that will be all I’ll need. edit: it wasn’t. I think I must need that toolbox. The shift+reload (mac) recommendation in the FAQ to bring about the toolbox did not yield any results yet. Is there anything else in the supposed toolbox that I’m missing?



    Are you using Safari? If so, search on it as there are some problems with that browser and the Rich editor.



    Thanks for the reply. I am in fact using Safari. Adjustments to Safari re: rich editing is a bit beyond my experience unfortunately. I can’t imagine plug-ins or proxy sheets being what’s needed. Are there other posting options in WP?



    You can turn off the rich text editor at Dashboard -> Users -> Your Account -> The checkbox at the bottom of the page. That way, you’ll use the normal editor. Gives you better control over your posts and markup as well.

    Hope this helps,

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