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creating mostly static pages (no comment lines)

  1. I'm a newbie and want to create a wp site that has mostly content I write about that's in different categories. I would like to have ONE section in the site for DISCUSSION where people can comment. The rest of the pages are just content.

    How can I create pages that don't have the 'no comment' indicator showing up. I'm ok with the date of the post.

  2. You need to go to your Admin => Options => Discussion and just turn comments off. On the one "page" or "post" that you want comments on, in the side of that "create post" or "create page" there is an option for "discussion" that you can force turn comments on for that entry even though the rest of the blog is comments off! :) It will not get rid of the comments indicator, but change it to "comments off".


  3. Thanks. I understand about turning it off but what are people doing where I see pages with no comment indicators? I've seen WP sites that have virtually no comment lines.

  4. As we don't have access to "comment out" the no comment indicator on this service at it is not something we can do. People have used the CSS upgrade to hide the comments indicator, but that doesn't work very well for you as it will also hide the indicator on the post or page you do want comments :) You could just add a static link to each post you create saying dicuss in the post that you do have comments on though!


  5. Hi Trent,

    I just followed this advice on (my husband's artwork) because wanted no comments box on the about page. However, it appears to have suppressed the box on the main page only. Can you please enlighten me as to whether it is doable or not? Is it possible to turn comments off on an entire blog? Thank you for your help. My main blog is and I want the comments there.

    P.S. I'm new to this so any advice would be much appreciated.

  6. Hi Trent,

    Please disregard my request. I found the 'discussion' box within the page - opened it up and saw that you can turn discussion off. Thanks.


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