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    is there a way to edit an individual page, independent of the rest of the blog? I’ve created a front page, but I don’t want it to have the same layout as the blog. Can I either create a new page template (rather than the default or links or archive)? Or at least edit one of them somehow?

    I’ve upgraded to custom CSS so I’m hoping that I’m able to do this…


    It is my understanding that you can make pages look different via CSS when using the Sandbox theme, but it takes someone who is very experienced with CSS to achieve it.

    There is not official support for CSS upgrades and only a few here that have any experience with it.



    Something like this is really only possible with (the self-hosted version). Even with the CSS Upgrade, you can not built a new template at



    hmm. that’s a bummer. Wish I’d have known that before I purchased the CSS upgrade.

    Thanks for the response though.



    Although you cannot change the html of your front page with Sandbox and the CSS upgrade you CAN give it a different appearance to normal blog posts and archives. For example, you could change the background colour, alter the header, hide the sidebar, have it in a different position, etc.

    You would have to be more specific about what exactly you want to do before anyone can tell you whether it’s achievable or not.



    See for example where the author has used the .home class to make the front page display entirely differently from normal archives.



    fockingbird – great info. Thanks.

    To be specific, yes, I want the front page to hide all the sidebar content – including blog archive, etc.

    I’ll take a look through the link. Very helpful.


    With the Sandbox theme, almost all other content elements can by styled differently for the front page by just adding “.home” as a prefix for the style definitions. For example, you just need one line to remove the sidebar on the front page:

    .home .sidebar {display:none;}



    arschflugkoerper – this is very helpful!

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