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    I know WP creates an OPML file for links, but how about a script that could create an OPML file for posts? Maybe use <div> tags to choose a node. I think OPML files would be a great way to archive blogs, and it also might make the blogs easier to search…



    For your links, you need to visit:

    That will give you a file of your links that you can import on your new blog.


    Dr. Mike,

    Is there any news on this question? I’m wanting to be able to get an opml file of my posts that I can place on my website? Is there a way to do this?




    There’s an EXPORT feature that exports your blog to a wordpress xml format.




    From this, the links here and elsewhere and the FAQ I am unable to see how to export/import blogroll links even between 2 blogs. Can anyone provide explicit instructions (and will it work in Firefox on a Mac?)


    On the blog you want to import the links to, go to blogroll > import links and then put in the link location of the OPML file you want to import. If it’s a blog, the the link would be in this form: . Then click “import links.”



    Oh, thanks.
    But it’s not obvious that the OPML file is already there, and that there’s no ‘export’ process! Hope this makes it explicit for anyone with the same query.


    You are right, there is no export function. You have to do an “import” from the new blog.

    You’re welcome and happy blogging.

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