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    I’m trying to create page jumps using images, meaning I want one image at the top of the page to link to another image on the bottom of that same page and the ( Click me to See?) codes are not working for me. I’ve looked everywhere but haven’t been able to find an answer to my problem. My knowledge of HTML is very basic.

    Thank you

    The blog I need help with is




    Thank you for sending these links. I tried applying the codes to my page but only the three first page jumps I’ve added seem to be working. I’ve checked about a billion times and I don’t know exactly what I’m doing wrong. Here’s the link for the page I’m creating.

    maybe someone can tell me what I’m doing wrong?



    Before worrying about this you should start worrying about other things.

    First, your page takes too long to load, because it’s displaying around a hundred linking images: for a visitor with a slow connection, the browser may even time out before loading all the images, and then the visitor will see nice empty spaces instead of the images. If you’re thinking of publishing more posts and adding more image links to them on this page, the page will soon become impossible to use. My suggestion: either publish each section as a separate page, or use the nextpage tag to split it into a series of numbered subpages, one for each section; see here:
    (You can see that idea in action if you visit my blog and click on the top menu tabs.)

    Second, the layout of the page is messed up, and so are the sizes of many of the images. The code of the images includes wrong (as well as unnecessary) stuff: a) The text you add inside the title attribute is the text that shows up when you hover over the image. Since the image itself includes the title, the title attribute is superfluous. b) Since the images should be displayed in real size, all the width and height indications are also superfluous.
    So you need to prune the image codes. For example, instead of this:
    <img class=" wp-image-3011 alignleft" title="MUSTARD TIGHTS" src="" alt="" width="230" height="43" />
    all you need is this:
    <img class="alignleft" src="" />



    PS And there should be no comment box on an index page!

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