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    Hello, I’m creating a “Choose Your Own Adventure” type thing for a post on my blog. The first page is a regular blog post, and then after that, I am trying to use a seperate page for each option that you can choose. My question is, is there a way to publish a page, without it showing up along the top of the homepage? I only want it to exist as a link. Any feedback is much appreciated.

    The blog I need help with is



    Create a custom menu and then don’t include the Page tab in that menu. Put other pages you want in the menu, save the menu, and then from the “primary location” pulldown in the theme location module at upper left on the menu page, select your custom menu name and then click save.



    Staff have provided this support documentation entry for those who want to structure their blog like a website and that sounds to me what you may want to do. We organize our posts by use of categories. There is only one dynamic page in a blog and we cannot post to more that one page. However, we can create the appearance that we have done that by setting up a custom menu and displaying Categories in tabs along the horizontal navigation menu.
    See here. >

    Read also>


    Thanks a lot! I think I’m getting some of it figured out, I’ll just have to keep messing around with it.


    I do have one more question, I think I got it to work the way I wanted, but now the pages that I did have along the top bar have disappeared, and I didn’t change anything about them.



    The solution is to go back to your custom menu and include all the Pages you wish to be displayed in the top navigation and then save the menu.


    Awesome, thank you again! I’ve got everything working the way I wanted now.



    YAY! I love happy endings! :)

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