Creating pages with images, cursor not showing – can't move images

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    Okay, I hope this post isn’t typical of my usual ones where I post a problem then before anyone answers it I have figured it out on my own. :)

    This one however, does elude me. I’m creating a few pages with already existing catalog samples, etc. displaying in the page above which I now want to write a commentary, etc. However, for some reason the cursor does not work in the Page format. I just have to guess where I’m at and start keying in the word.

    That’s okay (though less than desirable); however, it is not okay that I can’t move my existing images down the page so that I can insert my comment, header, or whatever. In order for me to make those insertions above the existing image, I actually have to delete the image, key in the text I want, the reload the same image.
    THAT is tedious and time consuming to say the least.

    Anyone know if this is normal? Also, if not, would it a problem of this particular theme or a problem in general.

    Please advise. Thanks!

    The blog I need help with is



    Okay, the cursor DOES work when it’s in the text-only section.

    Where it’s not working is when I try to inset text between each image — even though it looks like there’s enough white space between each image to insert that text.

    Why is that I cannot move the image down manually … on the page? Because in iWeb I could do that … move both text and images around without having to reinsert the images.)



    That white space doesn’t exist in the code. What you should do is put some placeholder text in there, and then you can type in what you want and delete the placeholder.

    You can’t drag the image down manually in Chrome, but you used to be able to in Firefox. What you CAN do is Select the image, Cut, put the cursor where you want the image, and Paste. I’ve just done that and it works fine.



    Okay, I will try that, however, even after deleting all the images and reposting them while it looked fine while I was creating the Page, once I published it was a mess!

    I’ve left it up so you can see it:

    So, in an attempt to make this work, I copied and pasted into into a Post instead and it came out perfect:

    I’ll try what you said, but maybe I had better stick with the Posts for anything with multiple images that need headers, captions, etc.



    Oh holy crap that IS a mess. Unfortunately, it’s TGIF and my facilities are not what they usually are or I’d help you.

    All I can suggest is that you compose in Write Post, click to the html editor, copy all the code, and paste it into the HTML editor of the Write Page space.



    Good suggestion… thanks! I can see however, that what I’m trying to do is going to take forever. So, I came up with a temporary solution to my problem of having to show a prospective client (a catalog company) specific writing samples of catalog writing. I’m going to create a slide show with just catalog/product reviews samples, then upload that PowerPoint presentation onto to

    Then I will embed a link to that PPT file from my WP blog so that interested parties can view just those kinds of samples in slide show vs clicking all over my blog/portfolio.

    Hopefully that will save me some time. :)

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