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Creating Permalink

  1. abusinessprofessor

    I read in WordPress for Dummies that you can change the default "ugly permalinks" to "pretty permalinks" which are "more pleasing to search engine spiders". It seems the book explains that you can do so by clicking "the options tab in the Adminstration Panel and then on the Permalinks subtab". My problem is that I do not see the "Permalinks subtab" on the Options panel. Can anybody help me in changing to pretty permalinks? I am using the most basic version of WordPress on my blog at

  2. They are talking about the self-hosted version of wordpress, not the multi-user version that is in use here at

  3. /nod to tsp

    @abusinessprofessor - The permalinks used here at are the "pretty" ones.

  4. Maybe I should write for Dummies? I'm looking for a book contract. Who's with me?

  5. I'm in.

  6. Super! A collectivist tome!

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