Creating photo gallery from existing image library

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    Hi There

    I am trying to create a page with a photo gallery on it and would like to use images that I have previously uploaded and used in past posts, and which are currently sitting in my blogs image library. When I go to create a gallery though, it only seems to let you upload from your hard drive again. You can post an individual image full size to the page, but how to make a gallery?


    The blog I need help with is



    There are two ways you can do this. If you want to mix up the images, use “includes”

    If you want the same Gallery to appear on another page, use the Gallery ID #

    You can see examples of both in my non-official Gallery FAQ


    Thanks, i figured it out in the end, but its way more clunky than it needs to be, i expected it to be a bit more streamlined… going back and forth finding each images number and then faffing with html coding… hectic. anyways, thanks for your guidance!



    Someday perhaps it will be more streamlined. (Word on the street for the past 2+ years is that media handling is supposed to be “upgraded” at some point.)

    You’re welcome.

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