Creating Post Headers Rather than Front Page Everything

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    I’m getting in to this blogging lark, however, one thing frustrates me. I can’t master uploading summary or intro of a post on the front page and then the fuller article as a click through.

    I just have the whole thing on the home page.

    Can someone illuminate me.



    If you’re using the visual editor, you’ve got an icon that will truncate a post and have the main body of it over a clickthrough; the button is on top of the text box when you’re writing a post, towards the right, and it looks like a page with a dotted line dividing it. You can use the More tag in the HTML editor, if you know how to do that, but I find the visual editor adequate for this. Place the cursor where you want the break to be and click the icon.



    /nod to raincoaster
    If you use the visual rich text editor the icon number to insert a “more” tag and create a break in text is number 13.
    If you’re using the standard editor the button says “more”.



    And please put your videos after the more tag. :)

    That really should be in the FAQs on those video instructions.

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