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creating rss for each category

  1. I have checked the forums and all answers on the topic assume that the user has a self installed wordpress on his own server where he can muck around with the wordpress code.

    I'm using the hosted solution. I need to be able to create an RSS feed for each category. Is this doable without hosting wordpress yourself?

  2. Not sure which forum you've been checking as the forums for self hosted wordpress blogs are over at They are complete seperate. If you did a search in the search box located on the forum home page here, you only get results. I would love to know where you've been looking.

    The answer to the quesion though is the same for both sets of software. Add '/feed/' to the URL of the category.


    Gotta admit I really would like to know where you've been looking now as no coding is needed. A quick search for 'rss feed category' shows least one post on the subject.

    Hope this helps,

  3. Thanks for the quick response. I did search here, and the majority of the answers mentioned turning on permalinks and adding code to index.php so I falsely assumed they were talking about the self hosted app because no where in the WP UI could I find the option to edit index.php.

    Again, thanks, that worked.

  4. Sounds like you're over at the site since we don't have access to setting permalinks here and wouldn't be telling folls about that option. Please check the URL bar. Only time we would be discussing that would be with a warning that the questioner is on the wrong site, linking to the Read me First at the head of the forums which explains the differences between the softwares, and sending them over to

    But hey, at least we got it working for you. :)


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