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    i want to create multiple sub domain like, so is their any way in wordpress to do that?
    please help me

    The blog I need help with is


    Moderator is already a subdomain so you won’t be able to create a sub domain of that.

    What you can do is purchase the annually renewable domain name with mapping upgrade and then create subdomains of your domain name. Just be aware that each subdomain with mapping is considered a separate yearly paid upgrade, so take that into consideration.

    When you purchase a domain name and mapping upgrade, you will still be hosted on and bound by the same ToS.

    Unasked for advice: Speaking of which, you should probably review the ToS since it appears that the site you currently have here at is nothing but links back to content on your existing domain ( and that could be considered questionable SEO activity. See the types of blogs mentioned in the ToS


    Sorry for above question I think I was not very much clear with my words. And was just to give u example.
    Actually I have purchased a domain from godaddy and I know how to map it with wordpress so I will do that later after getting assurance of my purpose because it will cost me 13$ to map.
    Right now wordpress allows me to create pages with myownsite/newpages but I want something like , so is it possible in wordpress or something like that ? If yes then what I need to do? Will it cost me? If yes then how much?

    I am writing in support forum because I found wordpress little complicated to explore as compair with blogger. Please help me!!



    Did you bother to read the advice from Jennifer above and the Terms of Service??

    You really need to read the TOS



    I think you can do what you want with being a mapped domain here

    However see the notes on the TOS from Jennifer

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