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    Hi – I’m still having trouble creating submenus. When I move the pages a tab over to create a submenu under the main page it goes just fine. But when I save the menu, it reverts all of the pages back to the menu. What am I missing here?

    Thanks for the help.

    The blog I need help with is


    Are you saying that it moves the menu item bars, on the custom menu page from submenu location back to top level (not indented)? Or are you saying they don’t show up as submenu items on the site itself?



    The first one. When I click ‘Save menu’ it moves the submenu pages back to the top level and on the site, itself I have a big mess of a menu bar. This has happened before and I fixed it by just starting over again with the pages, but I would really like to not do that again because it’s a lot of work.


    First thing I would do is to log out, clear your browser cache and cookies, restart your browser and then log back in. Next, delete the custom menu that you have and create a new one and save it and see if it works that time. If it does, make sure and then assign that menu to to primary menu location in the theme location module at upper left on the custom menu page.



    It didn’t work.


    My only other suggestion is to try it with a different browser. If that doesn’t work then you will have to contact staff directly and have them look into it for you.



    Exactly which browser and version of it are you using?

    Is your browser version up to date? You can upgrade any browser version here.

    Have you tried using the browser with all extensions or add-ons disabled?

    Do you have another browser you can try?



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