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    Hi. I’m in the process of creating blogs/sites for other people. The instructions in the support section seem clear enough. I can either:

    1. Move (give) the blog to another person or
    2. Name them the site administrator or editor

    I assume that I can add components like bandwidth to support audio and video and still transfer, correct?

    If moving the site to another person, they will have to log-on and create their registration at their computer, correct? Because of Cookies, I cannot do the registration for them on my computer, correct?

    Is there a preferred method of giving someone a blog/site? I assume that it’s a mater of personal preference, correct?

    Thanks so much for your time. Best, Len.

    The blog I need help with is



    My understanding is that if you move a site to another person they have to re-apply and pay again for upgrades like media and domain mapping.

    If you add them as an administrator, or just give them the login details then any upgrades would remain for the remaining period. I would cancel auto-renew and clear out your card details though!

    I am not certain about this – perhaps some staff will be able to give a definitive answer.



    Initially, the upgrade is owned by the purchasing user, but that can also be transfered if you contact us directly.

    However, don’t enable auto-renew when purchasing. If you transfer it, you’ll still be charged for the renew if auto-renew was enabled.

    When not just add them as an account from the start and have them purchase the upgrades themselves?



    Several options.

    I have made blogs for friends then gave them the site – sometimes transfer other times they were added as Editors and I am still Admin. Some are to be kind “blog challenged” and about all they can do is email in something then I log in and clean things up a bit

    You can also have them sign-up for their own blog and add you as an Admin and you can then set things up for them – this works easiest of you can visit them and use their email etc to set the site up for them –



    My thanks to all for the kindness of your replies. This is what I love about the WordPress community and this is why I recommend WordPress. Best, Len.

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