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  1. Hello there. I was searching a lot, and I think WordPress programmers didn't think about people like me. I want to release my contents under a Creative Commons License. What do I have to do?. Adding a category is not a good idea. Please, if anyone could give me a hand on this. I'd be glad.

  2. Well here's the thread where we discussed it originally. Not sure why you couldn't find it via a search....

    Easiest method would be to add a text widget stating that you have your site under a Creative Commons license or a link with the graphic.

    Good luck,

  3. I used a widget, but when I save the widget, It doensn't work. Somethings in the system are not allowed, the system just take the creative commons picture off, I don't know what is the reason for this. For sure, now I'm using a category, but I'd prefer to use a widget for to place my site license in a better place. It'll be easier for all of WordPress user to set a site license if the programmers think about a little about this, and give us a better way to do this. I know WordPress hosting is for free. So I beg you this as a favor.

    Best regards


  4. You can also add the logo as a link with the graphic as I mentioned in my response. I would recommend using the link category of "Licencing" or something simular.

  5. Problems encountered by ahlen and others could be addressed by making the creative commons widget available at For more details and links, see:

  6. A special widget is not required. You can place a copyright notice in a text widget in your side bar or on pages or on posts. You can create an image for a creative commons license here And this FAQs thread tells you how to put the image in your sidebar

  7. part of the problem is that wordpress automatically tries to reformat the license code that creative commons gives you (especially the RDF formatted license). i do think it would be awesome if in our 'extras' tab, we could choose a license, and have it show up in the footer.

    basically, the current solution is to just insert the image and the link, and nothing else. (basically ignore the code CC gives you).

  8. I am having the same problem with getting the CC license to work in the text widget. I have removed the code that wp has advised, and the license text comes up, but not the image. Yet if you click on where the image should be showing it brings up a whole page on what type of license I have chosen, instead of just showing the little image from CC. How do I ignore the code CC has given me, and get the image and the link?? I am very new to blogging and wp, so everything is a tad confusing. Can someone help?

  9. First, you find the image on the creative commons site. Second, you "save as" the image to your own computer. Third, you upload the image from your computer to your blog. Fourth, you put the image code into a text widget and place it in your sidebar.

  10. Timethief, thanks for your two recent contributions to this thread. In the first, you say that "a special widget is not required." In the second, an hour and a half later, you outline a four-stage procedure. Wouldn't a special widget make life easier for And isn't ease of vital to WordPress,, and widgets?
    Andrew, with apologies for over-use of rhetorical questions.

  11. Of course it would, but such requests are not likely to be fulfilled over-night, are they? Also this is posted on the the support forum and not the ideas forum. Hence I assumed the bloggers in question are looking for a solution today and are not prepared to go without while waiting for months for a widget to be created. That's why I provided a temporary solution.

    However, nothing is preventing any blogger here from (1) sending in a feedback and patiently waiting for a special widget to be created or from (2) posting this on the ideas forum and patiently waiting for a special widget to be created.

    Are you in some way connected with Creative Commons and speaking from a viewpoint of having a vested interest? Or are you posting again for the purpose of delivering support to bloggers asking questions in the here and the now?

    P>S> FWIW I do support the idea ;)

  12. I am connected with Creative Commons in that they provide me with a license, and I provide them with some very limited $ support. I'm glad that we both support the inclusion of the CC widget in I apologize for not acknowledging your here-and-now solution in this here-and-now (as opposed to I-want-in-future) forum.

  13. There IS no vested interest in Creative Commons, which is the whole point.

    I, too, would strongly support a CC widget at WordPress. Custom-building text widgets is a fiddly process and it looks like a LOT of us would be reinventing the wheel.

  14. Hey Andrew I appreciate your sense of humour and good nature. :D

    rain - I guess I should go back to using emoticons and bracketed asides {tongue in cheek}. My sense of humour is just too dry in written form without facial expressions or body language for others to get ... sigh ...

  15. The problem I was experiencing with the CC license has been resolved. Someone from wordpress very kindly sorted it out for me. Apparently there was a ' too many in the code I was using.

    I agree there should be special widget, especially for people like me who are completely new to blogging/wordpress, and for whom a widget sounds like something that should be surgically removed from my chin, rather than a neat little way of adding things to a blog.

    My CC license is now on my blog, and the support from wordpress was very, very quick.

    So thanks!!

  16. It would be nice if the FAQ linked to and made clear that a link to a specific licese is required even if the images mentioned in the FAQ are used. Without a link to a specific licese one can't tell what terms are actually being offered.

  17. I doubt a link is really required. I think that that is just common curitisy. I mean we don't link to a copyright site when one sticks up a normal copyright.

    If you're doing Creative Commons, then you already have some understanding about the program.

    Feel free to make this suggestion though to staff via feedback on your dashboard though. Mark's a big fan of CC so he may agree to adding in the link.

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