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    Hey there. Sorry to ask at such a hectic time in wordpress but I just cant seem to work out this creative commons thing. I got the code from the website and once I place it in my textwidget, there is no problem except the image does not want to load and it remains at the blank outline image…. By looking at a few previous threads i noticed something about how you need to change the code your given into wordpress friendly code… I dunno though how to exactly go about doing this…. So I will paste the code here, and if anyone is able to help me, I would greately appreciate it:

    <img alt=”Creative Commons License” style=”border-width:0″ src=”×31.png”/><br/><span xmlns:dc=”” href=”” property=”dc:title” rel=”dc:type”>Catchy, Cheesy, Cytokines.</span> by pKay is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 2.5 Australia License.<br/>Based on a work at<br/>Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available at

    Thanks again :(
    Oh and if you want to see what it looks like, its on the top right hand corner of my sidebar so you cant miss it.



    Looking at the HTML source of your site the src=”” part is missing. I can’t tell whether this has anything to do with the upgrade.

    Anyway I suggest you do further research on Creative Commons licenses since the license conflicts with the “do not copy” button on your blog.



    Ah thanks for the scr= tip… I will look at the code and see if that might get removed by wordpress or it’s not added in…

    Ah that “Do not copy” means that you cant steal the stuff with out giving permission and without changing or making money out of it like the creative commons licence… It is mainly as a detterent (how effective is anyones guess) for splogers/scrappers… I do not think of it as literallly meaning NO do not copy anything on this page… because arent blogs for being hosted on under the commons license automatically? The image is just to make it more obvious?



    I may be a nitpicker but I see a difference between “do not copy” and “do not copy without permission”. And the CC license means even “you don’t need to ask to copy (as long as you obey these terms)”.



    I have all links and pictures on my text widget formatted as follows:

    <img src=”” border=”0″><br>

    I too thought it was weird to see something I think is conflicting between the two “licenses”. DO NOT COPY vs You are free to Share—to copy, distribute and transmit the work as per your CC license.

    I’m a professional photographer and I prefer the good old Copyright protection. I find Creative Commons opens doors to be more confused and taken advantage of due to increased misinterpretation. No means No.

    In my post, “Copyright. Lost in Translation” I highlight the issues we face on a regular basis from people who do not respect work created by others.

    The article is linked from the COPYRIGHT button on the sidebar, the button of which I created that I think appropriately describes the situation as being UPSIDE down.



    but is there even such a license of “do not copy”? Having the copyscrape button does not necessairly copyright me, more so as a message on behalf of the copyscrape website in that “if you copy, we will find out so dont do it!” (Anyway thats my understanding of it, but I am still new to this so dont quote me on it… :) )

    Anyway isint that just the general CC license that you described? I think you can modify the license so that they do have to give you credit (Like what it says on mine here: ), so they dont really need to ask as you will find out when you get a trackback/pingback and then can say: “yeah its cool keeep it or NO sorry remove it”

    Kind regards! :)



    Thanks for the tip Shimworld I will put that in the textwidget and see if it works….. Yeah I am probably going over the top with all this copyright business and should just relax… As you guys with photographs and pictures really suffer from people stealing your work :(…. For me… it’s just a bunch of text haha

    Thanks again everyone :)



    As the copyright holder you define the conditions under which your content can be reused. And you (have an image) say: Do not copy. This may not be what you mean, but it is a clear, unambigous statement to the reader.



    Fair enough deltafoxtrot :)… Thanks again for all your help!



    copyright and licensing nuances aside, I’m having a similar problem as pkayski – every time I add the cc generated HTML into one of my blog’s widgets and hit save, the widget seems to “eat” the crucial “src=…” bit, resulting in no image.

    Anybody else still having this problem?



    Same problem here.



    It’s much easier to help if we have a link to your blog, starting with http. Because, for instance, if you’re running Monotone, you’re going to have no luck with this, ever, even if you’re posting in the post itself.


    All of a sudden I can’t post a picture tonight. I go through the regular process as always and I see the pic in the loading process but when I click to insert it into post a white screen comes up and the picture doesn’t load…at the bottom left it reads error. Is there something going on at wordpress?



    No Problem Buddies…
    I’ve shifted to WordPress recently and had a similar problem. I’ve worked a bit with html & xml so troubleshot the issue. To help others, I’ve written a post about it. You can take a look here:

    If you still face problems, leave a comment on the blog. I’ll be glad to help you all.
    Your reviews, pingbacks and comments are greatly appreciated…

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